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Write a Story, Drabble or Ficlette about the Picture below

                                                                                       ~ Two Solitudes by Steve Walker

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

GMB's Set Skinny Dipping World Record

The setting of the world record prompted Natasha to write Swimming Fun for the July Tea Room Challenge

After sharing Swimming Fun, Natasha opened her Reality Check Universe* to her fans to have a bit of a play.   The following drabbles, droubles, and ficlets were the results.

Red Moon Arising by Dizzy - Blade, Liam and Nathan
Old and New: Jonah's Reaction by Dizzy - Jonah and Samuel & Gordon and Landon
Free by Dizzy - Jonah and Samuel
Swimming Lessons by Dee - Gordon and Milton
All's Fair in Love and Switching by Tarabeth - Simon, Miles and Steve
A Matched Set by Tarabeth - Simon, Miles and Steve


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