October 2016 Challenge

Tea Room Challenge Topic
Write a Story, Drabble or Ficlette about the Picture below

                                                                                       ~ Two Solitudes by Steve Walker

Friday, June 18, 2010


It wasn't my fault. Everyone knows I cannot carry a tune in both hands.

Pulling off his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, I avoided his eye, though I could sense his grin.

"What was that?" he chuckled. "I've never seen my mother go that shade of red before and the minister..."

Pushing the shirt back off his shoulders and reaching for his belt, his arms were nicely pinned.

"I mean, how did you reach that note? Oi!" he yelped as my hands nipped.

"Like that." Smiling, I leant in, "Are you coming to bed, or do I have to sing again?"

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