October 2016 Challenge

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Write a Story, Drabble or Ficlette about the Picture below

                                                                                       ~ Two Solitudes by Steve Walker

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Surf 2

Surf 2
by Lou

"TIM! Come out here!"

Swallowing on a mouthful of cereal, I ambled bowl in hand towards the verandah and found Rob crouched by the esky looking none too pleased. 

"What?" A vague remembrance of an intention to clean it out after the beach picnic returned and, oh no.

Rob lifted the lid and the ghost of lunch past, long long past, wafted over us. Hmm, interesting. 

"You know, you really should clean that", I gestured with my spoon, hoping my winning humour would save me.

Rob stood, shut the lid and advanced on me. 

"Don't make me spill the milk!"

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