October 2016 Challenge

Tea Room Challenge Topic
Write a Story, Drabble or Ficlette about the Picture below

                                                                                       ~ Two Solitudes by Steve Walker

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I wrote this for a friend because she asked.

by Dee

Tori stared at it, her emotions a mix of apprehension, frustration and relief.  She could remember each time it had been used for punishment; every one painful and preventable. And yet not preventable because it was what she wanted, she just didn't know how to ask for it, so instead she pushed Andra until she got what she needed.

Andra knew the signals, usually picking up on them before she went too far.  Tonight wasn't one of those times. Andra would be thorough with the hairbrush, but afterwards she would be as gentle as she had been harsh moments before.

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