October 2016 Challenge

Tea Room Challenge Topic
Write a Story, Drabble or Ficlette about the Picture below

                                                                                       ~ Two Solitudes by Steve Walker

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wet Picnic

Wet Picnic
by Autumn

Sam jumped up as rain started pouring down.  Landon reached up and pulled him back down onto the blanket.  

“Oh no, you wanted a picnic so let’s have a picnic.”

“It’s raining!”  Sam said, wondering why he had to explain this fact.

Landon chuckled.  “Which I told you would happen, but you insisted on having one anyway so now you’ll sit here and enjoy it with me.”

“I hate being in wet clothes.”  Sam grumbled.

“Who said anything about wearing any clothes.”

Sam smiled seductively as he stripped down to nothing.  “I love rain on picnics.”

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