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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Hot

It's Hot
by Roo

Author's Note: This takes place before the Virtues of Corners and the Valentines day Story the other stories I wrote. Julian and Emon have just moved into their new apartment and everything is still away on boxes. its a slice-o-life type story


"It's hot." I growled, prowling around the stacked boxes. The lights were off and I was wearing my lightest tunic and loose jeans and i was still boiling. "My god, Its so hot!"

Julian sat up and pulled that stupid Popsicle out of his mouth. "I know, you told me a million times." Without further ceremony he flopped gracelessly back onto the floor.

"This—this is your fault!"

He turned to me and frowned. "How is this my fault?"

"You wanted to move!" I snapped.

It was hot, I was hot and looking a Julian made me irritated. He had the forethought to braid his hair back in  neat little rows and he was stark naked, sprawled across the floor sucking on a Popsicle. I would never ever be that comfortable naked. So here I was dressed, in a hot empty apartment with no AC, no fan and no refuge from the scorching temperature.

"Um yeah… would you rather we still live with my mom and run the risk of her walking in on us for a fourth time?"

"Yes! Because at least with your mom, there was Air conditioning and food!"

"Hm…Point taken." The cherry Popsicle juice dribbled from the corner of his mouth and for a moment I worried that it would land on the cream carpeting.

"I really hate you." I groaned glowering at him from where I sat, perched on a box labeled `Books'. "I'm hot and I'm hungry. We have no furniture. We have no AC. You're eating the last cherry popsicle and I want to be naked."

"Then get naked. What's stopping you?" He grinned around that damn ice pop. He pushed off of the floor a moment later and sauntered off –still naked—to the next room. I heard some shifting and the sound of running water come from the next room and grumbled. It was too hot to unpack. "Elmo," I turned to see my man putting a serving bowl down on a stack of boxes and holding up a thick quilt with his free hand. "Come help me."

"What could you possibly need a blanket for in this weather?"

"Just come help me, alright?" It was too hot to try to make sense of any of this. So I complied and helped Julian spread the quilt out on the floor. "Now, strip."

"Wait-- what?"

"C'mon, naked. I'm sure you know how." When I didn't start moving fast enough I found my pants and boxers being unfastened and removed before I could register what was happening. "I'm not tall enough to get that shirt off so you'll have to do it your self."

I did…eventually… somehow… I think…
And found myself seated on the quilt --naked and blushing lobster red and feeling hotter than I had been before.

My eyes tracked Julian as he kicked my clothes into a corner somewhere and grabbed the huge serving bowl from the stack of boxes before settling down across from me. He sat with his legs crossed like pretzels and a wry smile. "Have some."

"Some what?" I peered into the bowl and couldn't help but smile. It was a bowl filled half way with ice. Chopped mango, apples and plums were mixed into the ice, along with some black berries and strawberries and grapes.

"We've got to eat it quick before the ice melts… because then we'll have fruity water and I wont be drinking that."

"So... naked indoor picnic?" The mango was sweet and delightfully cold.

"You got it." Julian looked like a greedy chipmunk with his cheeks full of the sweet black grapes.

"How'd you get to be so thoughtful?"

"Well I don't know its thoughtful so much as that if I get you naked and fed, we can have some fun with those ice cubes."

The End

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